Divisions, teams, clubs and other actives play an important part in organizing the activities of the Pörssi. They enable an even higher quality and more versatile offer of activities for all members of the Pörssi. Through all these positions, more opportunities will also open up for you to get more deeply involved in the activities of our student organization. At the same time, you also get to learn and develop important skills for future working life, for example!



WHY APPLY? Active participation provides an opportunity to meet new people and gain concrete skills relevant to both the workplace and life in general. Being part of Allstars is an accessible task that doesn’t require any previous experience – enthusiasm for involvement and learning is all that’s needed!

HOW TO APPLY? The application is open until Sunday, 5.5.2024, at 11:59 PM! The application process is the same as in previous Allstars applications. More information can be found below as well as in the information provided in previous application announcements.


The following Allstars positions are open:

· MEDIA COMMITTEE – Photographer:

Responsibilities include event photography, image editing, and collaborating with the department on various marketing campaigns.

· EDUCATIONAL COMMITTEE – Student Representatives for Leadership and International Master’s Program:

Student representatives voice the opinions of students in various decision-making bodies within JSBE and have a tangible impact on the quality of education. Additionally, the department assists student affairs in other advocacy tasks.

· CORPORATE RELATIONS COMMITTEE – Corporate Relations representative:

In the corporate relations department, you’ll have the opportunity to create and maintain a broad network of corporate relationships for the Pörssi. You’ll be in contact with companies, negotiate deals with corporate representatives, organize career events, and support the professional development of Pörssi members. In the corporate relations department, you’ll establish connections with the business world during your studies and hone your B2B sales skills to perfection!


How to apply for the Allstars additional application?

1. Send your informal application via email to pj@porssiry.fi by Sunday, 5.5., at 11:59 PM with the subject line “Allstars 2024 application + the department(s) you are applying to” (e.g., Allstars 2023 application educational committee). In your application, indicate which positions you are interested in and why you would be suitable for these roles.

2. Based on the applications, the current board’s committee heads will select a desired number of applicants to proceed to the second stage of the application process. These shortlisted candidates will be interviewed during the application period and as soon as possible after the application deadline. Interviews will be conducted either in person or remotely, depending on the circumstances and preferences of both the interviewees and interviewers.

3. Following the interviews, the current board will ultimately decide the composition of the new Allstars based on the applications and interviews.

4. Board members will notify all applicants of the decisions shortly after the conclusion of the additional application period and the interviews.

5. The selected individuals will be briefed on their roles before the autumn semester and freshman weeks.

Hope to see you involved in active activities in the fall!



The Pörssi’s Golf Club is looking for one more enthusiastic club leader due to changing circumstances in the team.


The Pörssi’s Golf Club is the newest club at the Pörssi ry, aiming to organize golf-related events for both experienced golfers and those newly interested in the sport. The club’s event calendar includes activities such as the traditional golf tournament, the Pörssi Masters, organizing green card courses, simulator nights during the winter season, and the highlight being the Golf Excursion. However, our events are not limited to these, as we aim to respond to the demand among Pörssi’s members for activities related to sport, and new concepts are being developed with an open mind.

The goal is to bring together those interested in the sport, facilitating both participation and getting to know new people. Of course, we also participate in freshman weeks and other Pörssi events throughout the year, representing alongside other clubs. Besides golf, one of the best aspects of this role is getting to meet new people and engage in active participation with ease!


There are no skill requirements for golf; the main thing is that you are motivated to work with a great team. Club activities won’t take up an overwhelming amount of time since there are several contributors, and tasks are done collaboratively. Still, it offers an opportunity to meet new people

and get involved in Pörssi’s activities. We’re not looking for a person for a specific role, but if you have a preference or idea about what you could do in our club, feel free to share it with us.


So, don’t hesitate to apply if this sparked your interest! Send us an informal application to golfseura@porssiry.fi by Sunday 5.5., 11:59 PM. Remember to tell us enough about yourself, your background, motivation, or whatever you think would be helpful for us to know!


Best regards,

Whole club<3