Pörssin alumnit ry

Pörssi spirit doesn’t have to end at graduation!

Pörssin Alumnit ry is a great way to find your old student friends and get to know new economists of JSBE. This association was founded in December 2014 and the purpose is to bring alumnis closer to each other. In addition we organize different kinds of events. You can find more info about our activities and instructions to join us from social media.

You should join us already during your studies! Alumni network will offer you support on finding the right job and starting your career. There’s a lot of alumni members with different kind of knowledge and also from different industries. You can join us here.

The best way to stay on track with our activities and to get invited to our events is to join Pörssin Alumnit ry and the university’s alumni register.

Once a part of Pörssi, always a part of Pörssi!