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What’s happening?

We are gathering around to celebrate the highlight of the year, Pörssi ry’s 54rd annual ball on November 4th, 2022, in Scandic Laajavuori.

The annual ball consists of a cocktail event, an evening party, an afterparty and a morning after breakfast, also known as Sillis. At the cocktail event, the invited guests present their greetings to the sitting board of Pörssi ry. The evening party mainly consists of speeches and greetings, singing, a three-course meal, and presentation of awards to the most commendable members of Pörssi ry. In the end of the evening party, we get to enjoy the ball atmosphere and indulge ourselves into dancing to a live band. Following the evening party, we head out to the afterparty to continue celebrating until the wee hours of the night. The next morning, we head out to the morning after breakfast, or Sillis, as it is familiarly known.


To whom?

Our Annual Ball is mostly intended for second-year and older students. First-year students are welcome to participate in the Annual Ball atmosphere in the Annual Ball weeks different events and in the Annual Ball staff, which is recruited about a month before the Annual Ball. More information about the Annual Ball and the signing ups can be found in the Facebook-event “Pörssi ry:n 54. vuosijuhlat” (in Finnish). 

Schedule of the Annual Ball November 4th

15:30 Cocktail event for the invited guests

17:45 Doors open to the ballroom in Scandic Laajavuori

18:30 The evening party starts in Scandic Laajavuori

00:30 Busses leave to the afterparty in Aalto-sali

03:30 Last call in Aalto-sali


Register for the annual ball in on September 26, 2022. Exact instructions and a link to register will be published in the Pörssi Members -Facebook group. The membership of the Pörssi is checked for each registrant.

Schedule of the Morning After Breakfast November 5th

12:00 Busses leave from Matkakeskus to sillis

18:00 Busses leave from sillis back to Matkakeskus


Schedule of the Annual Ball week


Important part of the Annual Ball are the activities of the Annual Ball week, which are held daily in the week. Here is the schedule of the Annual Ball week of 2022:

Monday October 31st: Cake & sparkling wine. Dance and etiquette night.

Tuesday November 1st: Annual Ball excursion

Wednesday November 2nd: Annual Ball weeks sports + Annual Ball weeks bingo

Thursday November 3rd: Annual Ball sitz party + Poikkarit

Friday November 4th: The Annual Ball

Saturday November 5th: Sillis at Location X

Monday October 31st: 

Cake & sparkling wine available at Selkkar from 12:00 to 15:00:
The start of the annual ball week is traditionally celebrated with a cake and a toast with members of Pörssi ry. So come to Selkkari to raise a toast to celebrate the start of annual ball week!

Dance and etiquette evening in the Old Ballroom of the S building at 17:00-19:00:
On Monday evening, we will learn dance steps under the teacher’s guidance and get to know more about the general etiquette of annual celebrations.


Tuesday November 1st: 

Annual Ball excursion departure at 10:30 from Matkakeskus, Jyväskylä:
Kuopio and the fish rooster are calling! Pack your bags and go on an excursion to the Rock Paper Scissors microbrewery, from where the evening continues until the wee hours of the night with Preemio.


Wednesday November 2nd: 

Annual ball week adventure at Jyväskylä Prison Island at 12:00-13:00:
Can you solve the riddles of the cells? Come and experience a fun experience with Prison Island!

Vujubingo at Cafe Europa at 18:00:
Did someone shout bingo? Wednesday evening ends with bingo at Cafe Europa, where those who win bingo will be rewarded with great prizes.


Thursday November 3rd: 

Annual Ball sitz party in the Aalto hall at 18:00:
Dress up in your best as if you were at the Met Gala and let’s go! After the sitsit, the evening continues as usual with the November Poikkaris.

Friday November 4th: 

The Annual Ball at Scandic Laajavuori at 18:30:
This is the day everyone has been waiting for. The anniversary party is here, so put on your tailcoats and evening dresses and head to the most valuable party of our subject association at Scandic Laajavuori.


Saturday November 5th: 

The Morning After Breakfast “Sillis” at location X at 12:00:
A legendary morning after breakfast “sillis” ends the great annual ball week! Is it possible to become a sports fanatic?!?

Annual Ball Committee 2022

Maiju Vierola

Maiju Vierola

Juhlavastaava / vuosijuhlatoimikunnan puheenjohtaja

Eerika Liikkanen

Eerika Liikkanen


Anna Saarinen

Anna Saarinen


Inka Manninen

Inka Manninen


Emilia Mäkinen

Emilia Mäkinen



The dressing follows the Annual Ball etiquette.

The Dress Etiquette

If the party outfit is a dress, it is a full-length evening dress with a festive material. A restrained/neat slit in the skirt is allowed. Covering the shoulders is not mandatory. The shoes are neat and their material is suitable for a party.

The Suit Etiquette

The suit outfit is primarily a tailcoat and black patent leather or well-polished leather shoes. Another option for men is a dark suit that is black, dark gray, or dark blue. A white collared shirt is worn with the dark suit and the tie should be discreet. More festivity can be obtained by wearing a vest made of the same material as the suit.

The Academic Decorations and Honorary Badges

Academic decorations and honorary badges are worn in the Annual Ball. The student union band of Pörssi ry needed for them can be bought from Pörssi’s office before the Annual Ball.

If you wear a suit, wear the band attached inside their tailcoat, from the right shoulder down to the left side. When using a tailcoat, the band is worn between the vest and the shirt. When using a dark suit, the band runs over the tie and under the jacket. If you wear a dress, fold the band into a rosette, which is attached to the left side of the chest by a safety pin.

Inquiries about the annual ball:

Maiju Vierola, juhlavastaava

+358 40 4153853