Have you gotten a study place from JSBE? Congratulations! There are some things you can already take care of now, so you’ll have more time to focus on others things when your studies start. We gathered a checklist to help you get started, see it below.

1. Accept your study place

For you to start your studies at JSBE, you have to accept your study place by 16.7. at 17:00 the latest (do it through, Please note that it is not possible to accept the study place after this deadline. After accepting your study place, you’ll get a confirmation email.

2. Enrol to University

After accepting your study place, you have to enrol to the University and pay the registration fee (approximately 130€ per academic year). Further instructions on tuition fees and enrolment will be sent to admitted students by email.

3. Get your user account

For you to start studying at JSBE, you need a user account. You get more instructions to your email but feel free to read more here.

4. Apply for accommodation

We recommend applying for student housing through Soihtu and/or KOAS. As the waiting times on some apartments can be quite long, we recommend applying for an apartment right after accepting your study place. You can find more information about housing from our University’s web pages.

5. Apply for financial aid

Check Kela’s web pages to see if you’re entitled to get financial aid for living and studying.

6. Order a student card

We recommend ordering your student card in advance. This way you’ll be able to enjoy student benefits right when starting your studies. You can also get your student card in a digital form (via Frank app) to your phone – this way you don’t have to wait for your physical card to arrive.

7. Get familiar with Fuksikurssi

Fuksikurssi is Pörssi ry’s own magazine made for freshman. You’ll get familiar with student life in Jyväskylä, and what is it like to be a member of Pörssi. In addition, you’ll find info about upcoming autumn period. You can read the magazine here. *available only in Finnish

8. Take a look at the courses

You can find more information on available courses through our University’s web pages. University studies are quite flexible, and you can tailor your studies to fit your interests. You don’t have to worry about the courses because your tutors will help you get started but just have a look at those.

9. Apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If you have done prior studies which might be qualified to your new degree, you should apply RPL during the first weeks of yourr studies. Check more instructions here

10. Join Pörssin fuksit 22 -group in Facebook

Facebook is one of our most important communication channels, so we encourage you to join our group there. We will be publishing important information regarding the start of your studies and events in the “Pörssin fuksit 22” -group. Keep yourself updated and join the group!

11. Get ready for the most amazing autumn of your life

Pörssi ry is one of the biggest and most active student unions in Jyväskylä, guaranteeing you a lot of events! Your first weeks might be busy as there’s a lot of new information, and it can be a bit overwhelming at times. Just remember to keep your mind open. You will get a chance to meet awesome people and have some unique experiences. Be ready for the most exciting autumn of your life!