Conditions of Registration

By registering in an event, you agree to the following conditions:

Registration Information

By registering into an event, you assure that your name and address details are right – the automated invoicing system does not understand playful names.

2.1§ The attendee is responsible for any problems that may arise because of false information.

2.2§ Pörssi ry has the right to charge 10% of the event’s fee, at minimum 3€, as extra for invoicing costs in the case of such false information registration that it causes significant workload to the financial department. Email invoicing will send the invoice to the registered email address so be careful and use an address which you actually read. We will not disclosure your contact details.


Registering is always binding unless stated otherwise in the event’s information.

Registering must be cancelled by informing the event’s contact person by the end of the deadline. Each event has it’s own cancellation deadline and those dates can be found from the event information or by contacting the person in charge.

Binding registration means the obligation to pay even if you are not able to attend. Any exceptions must always be discussed with the head of finance (

If there occurs an obstacle and you cannot attend, you must inform immediately – there are people on waiting list wanting to take your place.

In case of property damages during an event, you must immediately inform the event coordinators and/or Pörssi ry’s board. If the damages are not reported or the damage has been caused purposely or by outrageous negligence, Pörssi ry can charge all of the cleaning and fixing costs in total from the person responsible for the damages.

It is strictly forbidden to use, bring, or be under the influence of drugs in Pörssi’s events. If a person acts against this, they will get banned from all events. The board of Pörssi will process every violation individually and decide about the length (fixed period/valid until further notice) of the sanction.

Payment reminders

If the payment has not been made after maximum of 14 days from the due date, Pörssi will send first payment reminder.

10§ If the invoice has not been paid after 28 days from the due date and the first reminder has been sent, there will be another reminder. The second reminder adds a 5€ reminder fee, and the person will get on the Black list.

11§ If it seems obvious that a person cannot pay by the due date, they should be in contact with Pörssi’s financial department to agree about the payment schedule.


12§ Excursions are also a way for Pörssi to keep up the good reputation and relationships with our partners and, therefore, it is not possible to cancel on excursions after making a binding registration. Cancellation is only possible for people with medical concerns. Please do not sign for excursions if you have any concerns. On top of the normal payment obligations the persons not attending (without medical reasons) may not be able to attend to excursions in the future.



13.1§ A person who has pending payments of over 30€ cannot attend Pörssi’s events before the payments have been made. The pending payments will not stop from registering but they must be paid before attending.

13.2§ If a person violates section 13.1 and attends an event without paying, they will be added to the Black list. People will get informed about going to Black list via email.

Black list

14§ A person in the Black list cannot attend in any Pörssi ry’s events.

15§ Their event registrations will be cancelled without a separate notice.

16§ To get off from the Black list and to get the right to attend Pörssi’s events, the person should contact the financial department ( Follow the instructions and make any pending payments.


Updated: 30.5.2021. We preserve the rights to any changes.