Are you excited about growth and eCommerce? Woolman builds online stores and helps brands grow and become globally successful. We are looking for a Growth Hacker Trainee to join our team.

Have you just graduated or are you about to graduate? At Woolman, we want to offer a young talent an opportunity to grow into a growth hacking and eCommerce expert with us! With us, you will learn all the secrets of digital marketing and customer acquisition for an online store.

Your job as a growth hacker trainee is to help our customers grow their sales and help them gain more traffic to their online stores. You are somewhat familiar with A/B testing and you want to solve different customer-acquisition-related issues.

You are interested in Facebook’s and Google’s different tools for eCommerce purposes and wish to learn even more about them. Perhaps you’ve looked into the possibilities of TikTok, or even influencer marketing as well?

Growth hacker trainee will join Woolman’s growth hacker team in any of our locations in Finland. Our company language is English and even though we have many English and Swedish speaking clients, growth hacker trainee should have good Finnish skills to be able to communicate with our clients in meeting and in written as well.

Applying for the position ends on the 1th of February 2022. We are looking for people in these locations: Helsinki, Tampere, Jyväskylä and Oulu. Apply here!