Harassment & Equality

Harassment & Equality in Pörssi


There are two harassment contact persons in Pörssi (from 2021 onwards) that provide support to student in case of harassment or other inappropriate behavior, such as bullying. If you face bullying, harassment, discrimination, racism or other inappropriate behavior, you can contact the harassment contact persons and seek for assistance to resolve the matter.

The contact persons offer their support and help you in processing the situation. All conversations are always confidental and will not be shared with anybody. In addition, the contact persons will not take any actions without your permission.

For students in JSBE the primary contact persons are Pörssi’s “sopo” (person in charge of social politics) and another person of the opposite sex.


Contact details

Hung Ly

hairinta.mies@porssiry.fi |

Diana Shah-Aga

hairinta.nainen@porssiry.fi | +358 45 154 9754

Don’t hesitate to contact us any time. With matters related to general things or to developing our operations please be in contact with our head of social politics: sopo@porssiry.fi


Contact details for the JYY’s harassment contact persons

Anna Jäntti


Teemu Vasama




More information about JYY’s harassment contact persons


What to do in care of harassment?

  • If possible, tell the person that their behavior is considered harassment. Tell them that you don’t accept that kind of behavior and ask them to stop.
  • If the harassment continues, write down the incident’s details (what happened, when, who were there, what was said). This will help later while processing the situation.
  • Tell other people about the incident. Here’s some examples: 
    • If you’re harassed by other students during a lecture, please be in contact with the lecturer or other faculty member.
    • If you’re harassed by faculty members, please be in contact with our faculty dean or university’s harassment contact persons.
    • If you’re harassed in events or social media, be in contact with Pörssi’s harassment contact persons.
  • In case you want to get more in-depth discussions about the situation, you can be in contact with YTHS. It is recommended that you seek help from a organisation/person which you find the most meaningful. It is very important that nobody is left alone with these matters.



Equality means that everybody has the same worth regardless of their sex, age, ethnical or national heritage, nationality, language, religion, opinion, disabilities, health status, sexual orientation, or other personal related reasons. – Guide to Equality in youth and sports organizations

In 2018, Pörssi came up with a plan of equality. This plan is based on a questionnaire about equality, that was done together with JYY in 2018. This plan will be developed in the future in co-operation with our members and is renewed in a three year basis . It is very important that our members participate in the questionnaire as it helps us to get more in-depth insights on the real situation. This questionnaire helps us to take a further look at any problems that might have occurred. First and foremost, the purpose of equality is to guarantee a safe and equal environment for all of Pörssi’s members.

You can read the plan here *available only in Finnish.