Important links and contacts

We’ve gathered some important contact details and links that might be useful for your studies.

MyJYU app:

In MyJYU app you’ll find study and campus related information. You’ll find e.g. your personal study calendar, job ads, and student restaurant menus. You can download the app for phones using Android and iOS.

New student handbook

New student handbook guides you through the start of your studies. It’s helpful for planning your studies, and it also has info about your rights and responsibilities as a student.

Campus map

There are several University buildings around Jyväskylä. Each building has its own name, and therefore campus map might be handy.  The campus map will help you in searching any buildings/classrooms. You can also find the map in MyJYU app.

Digital services

Digital services offer guides and help in using any digital systems. You can also ask for assistance through the HelpJYU portal.

JYY – The Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä
JYY advocates the students’ rights on several different levels, and JYY staff helps students with everything study-related. In addition, JYY offers student apartments, and organizes events.

Suomen Ekonomit
As a member of Pörssi, you’ll also become a part of Suomen Ekonomit. Ekonomit offer great networking opportunities, career advising, legal support, and support in employment contracts and wage related issues. The link between Suomen Ekonomit and students is a person we like to call “kylli”.  Currently we have Aku Buckbee working as kylli.

Pörssi’s “kopo”
Kopo is a student who is in charge of Pörssi’s educational policy, and represents the educational issues in the Pörssi board. This person acts as a link between the University and students. Kopo will help you with study related issues, and you can give feedback about teaching through him. Currently Leo Salonen is working in this role.

Study councelors
You can get study counselling from JSBE. The study councelors will help you with creating your personal study plan, and with general study planning. Find contact details below.

Wellbeing advisors aka goodies
Goodies are members of staff that have been trained to support the wellbeing of students. They are there to listen and to guide students to the right place for help. You can come with any issue or problem, and discussions are always kept confidental. Don’t worry alone – come and talk to your Goodie!

Pörssi’s harassment contact persons
Pörssi ry has two harassment contact persons that will support students in the case of harassment, or other inapproriate treatment. The harassment contat persons offer their support and help you in processing the situation. All conversations are always confidental. Currently Hung Ly and Diana Shah-Aga are acting in this role.

Leevi Leijon,
Diana Shah-Aga,

Other important contat details:
You can find all JSBE staff members, and their contact details, here.