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Hey you, a student of the Jyväskylä School of Business and Economics – are you already a member of Pörssi and Suomen Ekonomit?

As a member of Pörssi you get numerous benefits and discounts and get to be part of an amazing community. Sininen Pörssi – our discount program offers over 40 discounts for members of Pörssi, from e.g. restaurants and shops. As a member of Suomen Ekonomit you are also eligible for many beneficial member services. In addition, you get to enjoy the incredible environment and people, as well as the versatile event offerings. Joining Pörssi and Suomen Ekonomit is extremely easy and costs only 40 euros, and is valid through your entire studies.


Do the following:

  1. Go to Suomen Ekonomit website and carefully fill in the contact form.
  2. Pay the Pörssi membership fee immediately with your online banking ID or immediately after ordering and receiving the invoice to your home address via mail. Once you’ve paid the fee you’ll be a student member for a maximum of the next seven years.
  3. Go get the Pörssi/Ekonomit sticker from Pörssi’s office as a proof of your membership. By showing your sticker when e.g. doing business in Sininen Pörssi partnership stores and many other places, you’ll be able to prove your membership.

N.B. 1! After graduating you cannot be a student member anymore and you’ll have to separately join to become an Ekonomit member.

N.B. 2! You cannot fill in the KOKO – unemployment fund form before becoming a member, as the form requires a membership number, which you will receive with your invoice or in the membership registration statement.

You can contact Kylli or Pörssi’s board members for more information.