Do you enjoy taking photos and videos and implementing social media projects? Do you know how to reach high school students on the verge of applying to university? Would you like to be involved in designing and creating content that interests and engages both current and prospective students for the School of Business and Economics?

In JSBE’s social media team, you’ll have the opportunity to produce content for JSBE’s Instagram in collaboration with other team members and JSBE’s communication specialist. The team also creates timely content and communicates on various topics within the business school’s social media. We are looking for 2-4 new team members to create compelling content—apply now!


What is JSBE’s Social Media Team?

Team members get to plan and execute engaging and credible content for the School of Business and Economics’ Instagram account @jyu_jsbe, and if needed, for other social media platforms. The goal is to create an interesting and student-oriented image of JSBE on Instagram throughout the year. While the key seasons are during the university application period and the start of the fall semester, there is content to be created all year round.


Why apply?

You will gain experience in implementing social media from an organizational perspective. In the team, you’ll practice content planning and unleash your creativity. Earn an academic credit and take advantage of a unique opportunity to apply marketing and communication principles in practice!

The team will be assembled and trained during February-March, and planning will commence as soon as possible. Regular publications will be made throughout the year in collaboration with JSBE’s communication specialist.


Are you the right fit for JSBE’s Social Media Team?

Yes, you are! The most important thing is that you are interested in learning about social media, content creation, communication, and the possibilities of Instagram. Previous experience is not required for this position, but an interest, and perhaps even a hobby, in photography and/or video production is a plus! One of the team’s primary goals is to produce fresh and new visual content for social media use.

Participating in the social media team requires some commitment, but the workload is reasonable (and you can earn a couple of credits along with valuable experience!). We have a couple of joint planning meetings during the year to discuss upcoming content and its release; other tasks can be managed according to your own schedule.


How to apply?

Apply by Sunday, February 4th, at 23:59 by sending your informal application to the address In your application, explain why you would be a good fit for this position, what skills you have to offer, and what kind of content inspires you personally.