Project manager & Director application 2024

The applications for the Project Manager of Kauppakadun Appro and the Director of the Speksi are open during 13.-26.11.2023

Learn more about the positions and the application process below!

The Project Manager of Kauppakadun Appro

Would you like to be involved in organizing one of the most fantastic parties in Jyväskylä and one of Finland’s largest student events?

What you get from the role: As the Project Manager, you have a unique opportunity to gain experience in organizing a large event, team leadership, negotiation skills, and networking with both local and national companies. You will also play a significant role in Pörssi’s business operations and represent Kauppakadun Appro to Pörssi and other stakeholders.

What we expect from you: We require good teamwork and organizational skills from the applicant. You will be responsible for the team’s work, project scheduling, budgeting, and reporting. Previous experience is not a necessity but is considered an advantage for this position. 

How to apply: The application process consists of a cover letter and an interview. Send an open application and your CV to by Monday, November 26th, at 23:59 with the subject “Kauppakadun Appro Project Manager Application 2024.” (The applications and CV’s won’t be public to other members.) In your application, tell us why you are applying for the position and any experience you have related to project work and event organization. We aim to interview applicants immediately after the application period ends in week 48. Interviews will be conducted primarily face-to-face, but remote interviews are possible if needed. The current and new chairperson of Pörssi, along with the current project manager, will be involved in the recruitment process.

Questions or thoughts about the position? Come talk about the position and ask for more information from the current project manager, Salla Suomalainen, during the “Ask the Committee” evening at Cafe Europa on Wednesday, November 23rd, at 18:00. The event is a low-threshold opportunity to chat; everyone is welcome!

If you are motivated, responsible, and eager to organize an event, take on the challenge and apply now!

P.S. The recruitment for the Kauppakadun Approt project team will open in January 2023! The five-member Kappro team will be recruited from January 11th to 24th, 2023, in Pörssi’s team and club recruitment. More detailed information about team recruitment will be available later on Pörssi’s information channels! 

More information:
Salla Suomalainen
Current Project Manager
044 285 6126

The Director and scriptwriter of the Speksi

Are you interested in creative work and leaving your mark on Pörssi’s legendary Speksi? 

What is Speksi? Pörssi’s renowned vappu speksi dates back to 2017. Speksi itself is an interactive student theater that usually includes acting, music, and sometimes dance. The actual subject of the play can be almost anything. Speksi is characterized by “omstart” moments. When someone in the audience shouts “Omstart” with a specific command, such as “omstart in English,” the play must be repeated in English within a reasonable time. 

The event itself and its organization are the responsibility of Pörssi’s event coordinators, so the director and scriptwriter for Speksi are only responsible for matters related to the play. 

What you get from the role: This role offers unique experience in project planning and people management, as the director is responsible for the entire project. Additionally, the role allows for the use of creativity in a fun way and the opportunity to express oneself together with other Pörssi members. The director also has the opportunity to recruit a team to support the scriptwriting. 

What we expect from you: Scriptwriting and directing Speksi involves creative and independent work. Therefore, it’s essential to have organizational skills, writing skills, and creativity. Previous experience in similar roles is not necessary since having support from event coordinators and previous Speksi directors is available.

How to apply: Send an informal application to by Sunday, November 23rd, at 23:59 with the subject “Director for Speksi Application 2024.” The current and new event coordinators of Pörssi will be involved in the recruitment process. (The applications  won’t be public to other members.) 

P.S. All actors, singers, dancers, and other performers for Speksi will be recruited in early 2024 – stay tuned!

More Information:
Selma Seppo
Director of Speksi 2023
040 524 5842