Divisions, teams, clubs and other actives play an important part in organizing the activities of the Pörssi. They enable an even higher quality and more versatile offer of activities for all members of the Pörssi. Through all these positions, more opportunities will also open up for you to get more deeply involved in the activities of our student organization. At the same time, you also get to learn and develop important skills for future working life, for example!

Applications for Pörssi’s teams and clubs open on January 22. and is open on 28.1. until 23:59. Many different Teams and clubs operate inside the Pörssi. It is easy to apply for all of these and the threshold is very low.

If you are interested in joining the activities of FIME or the Investment Club, come and ask for more information about these companies on 25.1. at 11:30-13 To Selkkari!

If you are interested in the activities of other clubs (Pörski, Pörsail, PAR, Pörssi’s golf club) come and ask about the available positions on 25.1. at 13-14 to Selkkari!

Where and how to apply:



Firmamessu team

What is “Firmamessut”?

The Firmamessut is a career and recruitment event that serves as a meeting place for students and companies. At Firmamessut, students have a great opportunity to acquire information about job and internship opportunities and make contacts with several interesting companies. The event will be held in January 2025, and the planning of the event arrangements will begin already in the spring to create a successful event.

What does the Firmamessu team do?

The Firmamessu team is responsible for organizing the 2025 event. New team members are introduced to the task by the previous year’s team members and board representatives. The team members are given a lot of space to realize their own vision, but at the same time their activities are strongly supported by the board throughout the duration of the task. So don’t be afraid of the demandingness of the task, but feel free to apply, whether you are a first-year student or further along in your studies.

Tasks include, among others:

  • Planning and implementation of the practical arrangements for the event
  • Contacting companies and other partners
  • Sale of event grounds
  • Event communication and marketing for students, companies and the media
  • Event monitoring and budgeting

How to apply?

Send your CV and free-form application to vpj@porssiry.fi by 23:59 on January 28. The new team will be decided by the current team in cooperation with the Vice Chairman of the Pörssi. Decisions are made based on applications and interviews. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us. Jesperi Moisala 0442070001 or Lisa Elonen 0458938344




Investment club

We are looking for 2-4 managers for the investment club.

The investment club offers investment-themed business events for Pörssi members. We promote students’ knowledge and skills related to investing. The events are various speaker visits, the annual investment of the Pörssi’s funds, and an excursion (usually to Helsinki) to financial and investment companies. In addition to these, you have the opportunity to come up with new events according to your own interests – that is, pretty much free hands in this matter.

Applications can be sent to the investment club’s email (sopo@porssiry.fi). A short introduction about yourself and why you are the right fit for this position. Previous experience or investment knowledge is NOT NECESSARY, but the most important thing is an interest and enthusiasm to offer investment-related events to Pörssi members.

If you have any questions regarding the application, you can contact Tobias (talous@porssiry.fi) or Aino (sopo@porssiry.fi).



Would you be interested in sailing and organization activities? ⛵️  

PörSail or Pörssi ry’s sailing club is looking for new team members! PörSail was founded in 2020. From the beginning, the starting point of our activities has been to bring together students interested in sailing and enable sailing with a low threshold. We cooperate with the Jyväskylä Boat Club, which allows us to offer sailing opportunities in Jyväskylä. In addition to this, we visit the Mediterranean every year, so far we have conquered the Croatian and Greek archipelagos! Next fall’s trip is already booked

We want people who apply to join the team to be able to commit to the activity at least until 2024. The tasks of the club are not very time-consuming, but we hope that the members will be physically in the direction of Jyväskylä for most of the year. As a balance between work and demands, PörSail offers its team members opportunities to sail both in Jyväskylä and with other student sailing organizations. The team members also have guaranteed access to the annual foreign excursion and to various Pörssi ry events where we are represented.

We are looking for 4 new team members!

Below you will find more detailed task-specific information

  • The application process proceeds as follows:
  • You fill out this form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScvQpmHMYLk0yhT4PFfy5Ra-lfBBPmJSw4j19Pp8rL1_WYdFA/viewform?usp=sf_link
  • All applicants are interviewed
  • Interviews will be conducted already during the application period
  • Interviews are arranged via WhatsApp. The interviewer(s) will contact the applicant and the interview time will be agreed together. The interviews are conducted either face-to-face or remotely, depending on the schedules of the interviewer and the applicant.
  • The current Crew makes decisions together as soon as possible after the application period ends
  • Each applicant will be notified of the selections by phone

Excursion manager:

Hi you adventurous! Are you the one who is already dreaming of the next trip before the previous one has even ended? If your spark is ignited by travel planning and discovering new destinations, you are the person we are looking for as PörSail’s annual excursion manager! In your position, you can plan and implement our adventures abroad together with our team. The job includes a comprehensive orientation, so no previous experience is necessary, as long as you have the enthusiasm!

Sailing manager:

Sea water in the hair and lapping waves. Does this sound like your thing? We are looking for a person interested in sailing as the second sailing manager. We will introduce you to the work and you are not alone! The task includes cooperation with JVS, coordination and management of sailing courses. In position, you can complete the courses required for the Kv permit according to your own skill level.

Marketing manager:

Are you at your best when creating visual dream worlds for your feed? Do you feel alive when you get that perfect image for your post? If you don’t feel this way, it doesn’t matter, you can still apply to our team as a marketing manager! In this position, you would be responsible for the content production, updating and communication of PörSail’s Instagram. Position also includes foreign excursion communication (before, after and on site) and the implementation of the trip’s aftermovie. In this task too, you don’t need to know anything in advance, because the rest of the team will help and guide you in the task.

Financial manager:

Do you take a receipt at the checkout? If you don’t, it doesn’t hurt, but from now on you will. We are looking for a finance manager to be responsible for our club’s cash flow. Areas of responsibility include monitoring branded sales and taking over the club’s cash flow. In this position, you would act as a link between PörSail and the financial manager of Pörssi. In position you will also get to know Kideapp! The clubs will work in close cooperation with Pörssi in terms of financial matters during 2024, and you will also be able to influence a lot on what kind of position will eventually take shape.


PörSki – Team search 2024

We are looking for two or three new managers for the listed skiing club PörSki for the following positions:

Finance and corporate relations manager:

The task is to take care of the payments and invoicing of PörSki’s money. This Position is also responsible for managing possible registrations via KideApp, as well as ordering and maintaining products for sale. Position’s areas of responsibility also include acquiring partners and potential sponsors. The rest of the team supports, helps and teaches, so you won’t be left alone!

Communications/media manager:

The job description includes e.g. content production for PörSki’s social media, as well as promoting events and producing photo and video material. In position, you can also practice making graphics, for example in the design of overall patches. There is an advantage to mastering Canva, but the previous communications manager introduces the task and the rest of the team also supports content production.

Wild Card!?

Now you have the opportunity to highlight your special skills and potential. If the above candidates do not fully match your own skills and your own good ideas, and you feel a great passion for our activities, we can also consider a third person in this year’s application. So send an application and bring your talent to the fore!!

PörSki is a skiing club under Pörssi, whose members take part in Pörssi’s events, especially during freshman weeks! In addition, Pörski’s activities include representation at various events during the current semesters, as well as organizing its own events. PörSki’s task is also to run Riihivuori season tickets available through Pörssi. The biggest and most important focus of the year is on the annual excursions.

We are looking for 2-3 new leaders for our team! The most important thing in applying is not excellent skiing skills, but the fact that the applicant is genuinely enthusiastic about being actively involved in Pörssi and PörSki’s activities.

You apply to PörSki with a free-form application, where you can tell e.g. about yourself, your background in the sport and why you want to be involved in PörSki’s activities. We hope that the application will also include information on how actively and for how long the applicant can participate in and commit to our activities (e.g. will he go on an exchange, will he have to travel actively in other cities during the academic year, will the division belong to activities that require a lot of resources, etc.).

We also hope that the applicants would indicate in their free-form applications where they would prefer to be, as well as their own strengths and areas of expertise that could be useful in club activities.

Please send the application directly to PörSki’s email: porski@porssiry.fi

If there is anything left to think about regarding the application or the club, please contact us via PörSki’s Instagram @porskiclub



The purpose of Pörssi’s Alarauta is to organize easily accessible disc golf-related activities, inform and improve of the possibilities to play disc golf and to enable finding a throwing company among other members of Pörssi. Our club is also actively involved in Pörssi’s activities, for example during freshmen weeks. As a club team member, you’ll get to organize events, participate in Pörssi events and play disc golf in a relaxed company.

Our club is looking for four new club team member for 2024. The past roles have been finance and kide.app manager, events manager and corporate relations manager, social media manager and chairman. When applying to club, the applicant does not have to know what role he is applying for. New responsibilities will be matched after the application process with a fresh lineup and possible new responsibilities will be distributed to suitable applicants. Apply to our club is done by sending a free-form application to the address par@porssiry.fi.

The application process is followed by interviews, which are arranged separately with the applicants and club team member. Information about the club’s activities and the application process can be found on Pörssi Alarauda’s IG @porssinalarauta, and you can ask questions via dm messages.


Golf club

Pörssi’s Golf club is the newest club in Pörssi, the purpose of which is to organize golf-related events for the members of Pörssi, for already experienced golfers as well as those newly interested in the sport. During the year, PGS’s calendar of events includes, for example, the traditional golf tournament Pörssi Masters, the organization of green card courses, simulator evenings in the winter season and, as a climax, the Golf Excursion. However, the events are not limited to these, as we strive to meet the demand of Pörssi members in the sport and new concepts are developed with an open mind. The purpose is to bring together those interested in the sport and make it easier to practice and meet new people. Of course, we are also present at freshmen’s weeks and other Pörssi events during the year, representing with other clubs. In addition to golf, this job is great when you get to know new types and active activities at a low threshold!

Our new club has received a happy and warm reception, so now we are looking for a few successors who have the enthusiasm to develop and move the club’s activities forward. There are no handicap requirements for club team members, but it would be desirable to find an interest in the sport, so that you want work with the club at least for the coming year! We are not looking for team members for specific positions, as we share responsibilities between the club members on an event-by-event basis, but the roles can be agreed together among the team when the new team is put together. So apply to join our activities with a free-form application by sending an application to the address golfseura@porssiry.fi. Don’t forget to tell us enough about yourself, your background, your motivation or whatever else you think we should know!

For more information, you can ask any of our club’s current team members, we will be happy to help! In addition, you can find more information about our activities and how to apply on our Instagram @porssingolfseura.

Best regards, Elina, Iida, Aapo, Joonas and Patrik from Pörssi’s Golf Club 🙂