Responsibility and Equality

Responsibility and equality in Pörssi

Sustainable Development of Pörssi ry

Pörssi ry has committed to follow its own strategy of sustainable development in all of its operations, events, and premises. We work actively on innovating better solutions to decreasing waste and using more recycled products in our events. We also encourage to recycle with our own example. In our premises in Selkkari, we have invested in waste sorting and nowadays there are different spots for bio waste, metal, glass, and plastic. We find it important that our partners also share the same green values as we do.

Strategy of Sustainable Development

The three main points of this strategy were created in 2019, and they have been accepted by our board members. Pörssi commits to keep developing its strategy of sustainable development in the future.

Pörssi ry in action:

Pörssi ry agrees to develop sustainability on ecological, ethical, and financial areas.

  1. Our actions are environmentally friendly, and we consider sustainability in our daily actions. At the same time, we make it easier to our members to choose more sustainable options.
  2. In addition to our own operations, we inspire and encourage our members and other students, partners, and influencers to act sustainably.
  3. As a forerunner we are constantly renewing our ways of operations towards a more sustainable Pörssi. With co-operations we are more effective. We seek to form partnerships with such companies that operate sustainably.

Pörssi ry has agreed to follow its own strategy of sustainable development in all of its operations, events, and premises (Selkkari).


Equality means that everybody has the same worth regardless of their sex, age, ethnical or national heritage, nationality, language, religion, opinion, disabilities, health status, sexual orientation, or other personal related reasons. – Guide to Equality in youth and sports organizations

In 2018, Pörssi came up with a plan of equality. This plan is based on a questionnaire about equality, that was done together with JYY in 2018. This plan will be developed in the future in co-operation with our members and is renewed in a three year basis (next time: November 2021). It is very important that our members participate in the questionnaire as it helps us to get more in-depth insights on the real situation. This questionnaire helps us to take a further look at any problems that might have occurred. First and foremost, the purpose of equality is to guarantee a safe and equal environment for all of Pörssi’s members.

You can read the plan here *available only in Finnish.