Sininen Pörssi

Sininen Pörssi – benefits for you!

Sininen Pörssi is a co-operation benefit programme between companies and Pörssi ry. You can get these benefits around Jyväskylä by showing your student card with a Pörssi sticker when using the services.



Tails rental 150€ (including the whole outfit)
-30% of all products



-25% of all normal priced products



-20% of all normal priced products



Tap beer and sider 3,5€, lonkero from tap 4,5€
Shot (changing every once in a while) 3.5€,
Burgers from Carte menu -15%


Bella Roma

Main course -20%
Large soft drink €3.50
Aura 0.35l €5
Cider 0.33l €5
A bottle of house wine €22
Other wine bottles -20%
Sauna facilities (Sun-Thurs) 70€ (not on special days)
Pizza with 3 toppings + a large soft drink €15.50


Hanko Sushi

Dishes from menu -15%

Classic American Diner

Pörssiburger with meat or chicken, including fries and a dip, 8€
Mention Pörssi ry while making the order.

Escape ja London

Escape is a part of the Blue Pörssi-programme. By having a Pörssi sticker you’re entitled to get the following benefits:
Free entrance (k-18) to Escape on Fridays and Saturdays before 24:00 (*)
Free entrance (k-24) to London on Fridays and Saturdays before 24:00 (*)
*) Excluding special nights by external organizers or live gigs.
Benefits in Escape and London
Drinks from tap 0,3 (beer, cider, lonkero) 4€
Nonalcoholic drink 2,5€
Pörssidrink 3,5€
Product changed every month

Cafe Europa

Pörssidrink 6€
Normal coffee 1€
Wine (red or white) 16€ 70cl


DeLorean has some special offers for our members in top of discounts to all students. You can get Pörssiwine, 17€/bottle and Pörssidrink, 6€. Remember to show your Pörssi sticker!



In student events, 3€: Karjala (0,4l), Dry Apple (0,3l), lonkero (0,3l), vodka/gin/rum (4cl) + soda, salmari/fisu/laku, Bailey’s (4cl)

Gastropub Jalo

Food products -15%

Karaoke Bar Helmi

Aika Helmee – price list available every day and every time that we’re open:
Tap drinks: Hartwall Aura 0,4l 5€, Happy Joe (Dry Apple) 0,33l 5€, Hartwall Original 0,33l 5€
House wines (red/white) 12cl 5€
Vodka+Mixer 6€
House shot(Fisu/Laku/Salmari/Monsteri) 5€

+ Free entrance every day and at all times
– Cabinet 50€ on weekdays (normally 75€). On the weekend normal prices: Fridays 100€ & Saturday 120€.



Karjala (0,4l/0,5l) 4€/5€, Strongbow 0,33l 5€, lonkero 0,33l 5€, soda 2€
Burgers 12€, salads 12€, fries 2,50€, 10 wings 8€
Pörssidrink 6€ and Pörssiwine 14€/bottle


Beer 0,4 4€,  Cider 0,33 4,50€,  Wine/sparkling wine (12cl) 3,50€,  Coffee/tea 1€,  Beer of the month 5€,
Burger (chicken/vegetable/meat) and fries 10€
Salad (with toppings of your choice) 10€
Barwine for “Sohwalle or Sohwille” price always.

It’s possible to organize private events in our spaces, and you’re able to discuss your own benefits (e.g. discount from wings) to them. Get more info and email us or


Sports & well being

Kuntokeskus Positive

Membership prices:
• Membership fee 25,90 € /month
• Membership fee + group exercises 35,90€ /month
*  These prices require having a 6 months contract. After that the contract will continue as valid with a termination notice of 1 calendar month.
Signing up period:
First month (month of signing up) at the price of signing up price. You’ll start paying the membership fee after that.


Jyväskylän Kiipeilykeskus

One time visit 8e, serial card of 5 times 35e, Top rope -course + 5 times 55e. All prices include shoe rental.


CrossFit 40100

CrossFit Elements basic course -25 % (Normally students get -10% from all services)


Ski resort and adventure park Laajavuori

  • Ski pass for 3h during weekdays 15€ and equipment rental for 3h 15€. In addition 5€ discount from equipment service when the buying price exceeds 20€.
  • Adventure park: 20€/person (normally 25€) at all times.
  • Disc golf 5€/person/day (normally 6€) and discount of -10% from products in disc golf shop. These benefits are available as long as the tracks are open in autumn 2021 (or until 15.11.2021).
    Get the offers by showing your valid student card with a Pörssi sticker. If the track fee hasn’t ben paid, you’ll be fined an inspection fee of 50€ in addition to the normal track fee of 6€.


Continuous 15% discount on games.


Crossfit Jyväskylä

-10% discount of student price from training. OnRamp 138€, Bootcamp/Muscle&power -courses 118€, Gymnastic/Eazy -courses 78€


Scandic Laajavuori

Gym and spa 5,9€/3h/Mon-Fri 7-14, and other times 8,9€. Bowling -20% ja massages -10%.
Studio AK Laajavuori: -10% from additional services and Studio Line-hair products with the code laajavuori10


  • Padel weekdays at 7–16: 26€/h
  • Padel weekdays at 16–22 and weekends: 32€/h
  • Badminton weekdays at 7–16 and Sat-Sun at 8–12: 8€/h
  • Badminton weekdays at 16–22 and Sat-Sun at 12–21: 16€/h
  • Renting raquets and balls is free for badminton and padel
  • All other products and services -10%

Golf Zone

Game shifts -15% at all times

Ten time card 250€ (normally 275€)


Hollywood Bowling

Bowling Sun-Thu -20%



-20% from normal priced products with code “PÖRSSIRY20”.
*Decola has the right to confirm the membership of anyone using the code.



Cruises -15% Mon-Thu+Sun



-10% from Heimo-shared cars with the code PORSSI.



-15 % all products (except circus and magic products)



-20% thesis prints and -15% normal print works. Mention Pörssi ry when making the order.



Members of Pörssi’s investment club get Inderes’s Premium-membership for free.


Jyväskylän Tietokonetohtori

Free troubleshooting ( normally 30e)



-10% discount on maintenance

Ihana Olohuone

15% discount of the following services:
• barber and hairdressing services
(excluding special work like hair extensions, special hair dyeing and permanents)
• new eyelash extensions
• lash lift & permanent tinting
• lamination of eyebrows

Studio C-kaari

10% discount from the following: permanent colors, sugaring and spray tan.
You’ll get the discount from normal prices. The discount cannot be combined to other offers. 



-25% discount from your order’s total price with the code PORSSI25, from