Exercise opportunities from side to side – Something for everyone

Pörssi ry strives to take care of the overall well-being of its members throughout the year by offering diverse sports opportunities. Regular weekly shifts offer our members the opportunity to engage in a great variety of seasonally changing sports at low thresholds. These have been e.g., floorball, volleyball, basketball, futsal, football, badminton, ice hockey, and dancing. To be clear, there really are no restrictions on what sports we will host – What our members request will often be organized. Pörssi ry also strives to enable the operation of several low-threshold sports clubs and groups throughout the year. With the help of our communication channels members can e.g., find company for a jog or to play ice hockey. Main idea being that no one needs to exercise by themselves.

We also organize various sports events, as well as courses, such as the golf Green Card course, baseball tournaments, and the Winter Classic hockey tournament. In addition, we strive to organize new sports for our members to try out. Usually, these opportunities are held monthly. For example, we have had bouldering, air yoga, and laser warfare in the Megazone. The same principles apply for summer as well – No need to feel lonely because there is plenty to do. Summer can be spent by playing beach volleyball on the shores of Lake Tuomiojärvi, or by joining our joint football games. We also aim to increase interdisciplinarity with our sport events and thus introduce each other to an ever-widening group of students.

Heads of sport are responsible for organizing sports at Pörssi ry. We welcome all kinds of suggestions regarding sport try-outs, the content of regular shifts, and exercise and well-being in general. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about sports opportunities or have a good development idea!

Contacts by e-mail to:

Regular weekly sport shifts

Regular weekly sport shifts are free for all registered Pörssi ry members. For 2022 – 2023 weekly shifts are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays as follows:

Standard shifts 2022-2023

Badminton, Hipposhalli 5.9.-24.4. at 19-20, courts 1, 2, 3 and 4 (except 26.12. and 10.4.)

Futsal, Viitaniemi school 30.8.-25.4. at 21-22

Floorball, Kilpinen school 31.8.-26.4. at 20:45-22

Football, Viitaniemi sports park 11.5.-12.10 at 21-22

Volleyball, Keltinmäki school 8.9.-27.4. at 20:45-22

Band turn, Rentukka’s band space 2 July – 31 December. from 17:00 to 20:00

Basketball, Gradia Harju C 4.9.-23.4. at 19-20:15 (except 11.9., 18.9., 25.9., 25.12., 12.3., 19.3. and 26.3.
Basketball, Cygnaeus School 11.9., 18.9., 25.9., 12.3., 19.3. and 26.3. at 20-21:15

Football, Vehkahalli 19.6.-25.9. at 18-19 (except 11.9.)


Ice hockey shifts will be announced as winter approaches. Positive group exercises and measurements are reported on a case-by-case basis. On “the Pörssin Liikunta” channels, you will find information on sports try-outs and events, booking reservations, and in general, all current information related to sports. Join the group via the icon below! Each weekly sport shift also has its own Telegram group. If you want to join the group, you can find joining links on “the Pörssin Liikunta” channels or get it by sending a message to

One can participate regularly or occasionally, regardless of skill level – Come along!

Jyväskylän Kylteriveljet ry

The purpose of Jyväskylä’s Kylteriveljet, as known as JKV, is to provide fun in the form of sports as well as sporting events for the students of the School of Economics. Currently, the offer includes hockey, floorball and futsal teams for men and a floorball team for women. The women’s soccer team is on break for the fall of 2020 due to a small number of players. JKV allows students to create teams for other sports as well. Good examples of this are hockey and floorball teams that have originated from the people outside the association. Contact a contact person of your sport and form a team if you were interested.

Everyone is welcome to JKV’s activities! Check out the teams, shifts and series on our website or on Facebook via the social media icons below.

Do you want to start a new team, or do you have any other development suggestions?

Acts as a contact person Ville Holopainen 050 431 026


The year 2020 will be memorable, as it was the year when Pörssi´s own sailing club PörSail was founded. According to an anonymous yodeling, a sailing club to Inner Finland may be useless, but we disagree!

The purpose of the club is to introduce the members of Pörssi the secrets of sailing, among other things in the form of various events and unforgettable voyages. There are planned sailing courses and trips to our own lake, as well as to more favorable latitudes to the Mediterranean.

We want to spread the good news of sailing to all economics students and get as many people as possible excited about navigating the waters. All pörssi members are therefore welcome to participate in the activity, and participation does not require previous experience in sailing!

Follow us on our Instagram @porsailclub and join the Facebook group @PörSail to stay up to date on upcoming amazing events.


More information or feedback:
Jenna Tulonen  040 0268499

See you on the waters!


Pörssin laskukausi founded in 2011 has been PörSki since spring 2019! Our mission is to promote the skiing and afterski culture for the pörssi members by organizing various skiing-related events during the academic year. Whether you are skiing, boarding or sliding, everyone from alpine eagle to beginner is welcome! However, the most important thing is a relaxed atmosphere and fun.

Our operations are based on serving our members, so new ideas are welcome to be heard.

Follow us on Instagram and join the Telegram group by clicking the icons below so you don’t miss the hottest events of the year!

Additional information, development suggestions, feedback:

Roope Heino 044 566 8675

Erika Ketola 050 388 6060 

Pörssin Golfseura

Pörssin Golfseura (Pörssi’s Golf Club) was founded in 2023, but golfers and golf events have been part of Pörssi for decades.

The goal of our Golf Club is to bring all Pörssi’s members interested in golf together and organize high-quality golf-themed events for them. We organize for example Green Card courses, different kinds of competitions, various chill events and excursions.

All members of Pörssi are welcome to participate, regardless of skill level! Just join the Facebook and Telegram groups and follow @porssingolfseura on Instagram. The link to the Telegram group can be found in the Facebook group.

You can ask information from us by for example an Instagram message, or from Aapo Kerkkonen (040 036 8646).

See you on the golf course!

Yössä Vaeltajat

Are you worrying about your studies and want to feel the peace of nature right away? Yes! For this and many other reasons, Pörssi has its own group of hikers, Yössä Vaeltajat (=Overnight Hikers). The group organizes occasional excursions to the vicinity of Jyväskylä on its own. Thus, every Pörssi member has the opportunity to go on an excursion or organize the whole excursion on their own. The idea of the group is that everyone can look for a hiking company for a day trip, a week’s trip to Lapland or even a mushroom trip for an everyday evening. Post your own travel idea and date when you want to go on a trip, and you will surely get friends!

The group is fully functional on Facebook so join by clicking on the icon below. The group is suitable for everyone, including experienced backpackers, mushroom pickers or enthusiasts looking for a trip for the first time. Join the group now and go on a first night excursion with Hikers.

More information can be asked on the ”Yössä Vaeltajat” Facebook group.

Pörssin alarauta

Pörssi’s Alarauta, or PAR, is our subject association’s Frisbee Golf Club founded in 2020. Our club organizes various sport-related events such as fun competitions, technique exercises, sport trials and of course we solve the Pörssi’s Frisbee Golf Championship. Through PAR, every Pörssi member has the opportunity to find a throwing company for themselves.

The activities of our club are low-threshold and there are enough activities for both novice throwers and experienced veterans. Our goal is to introduce every willing Pörssi member to frisbee golf and more experienced players will help new enthusiasts learn about our amazing sport.

You can find more information about activities and events in our facebook group Pörssin Alarauta. Also take over our ig @porssinalarauta!

See you at events and in the signs of a relaxed throwing club!