Strategy 2023

Pörssi renews its strategy in every three years. The purpose of the strategy is to have simple guidelines for our operations, and to develop our union in the long run.


The best student life for all our members.



Making sure that our members get high quality education, opportunities to develop, and a strong community.


We’re the student union of Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics. Our purpose is to advocate our members’ rights and to develop economics studies together with the University. With our diverse operations, we are participating in the development of our members skills and preparing them for work life. In addition, we’re creating a strong community that lasts for a lifetime.


Strategic views

Work life

All of our members will be well prepared for work life. Connections created during studying and experiences will help our members to make progress in their work life.

Strong community

All of our members will become a part of our community, and this relationship will last for a lifetime.


We are taking care of our members and their wellbeing so they will be able to get the most out of their student life.


Communality – We’re an open and diverse community, where everybody feels welcomed. Together we make great memories.

Goal-orientation – Together we grow and become valued experts.

Responsibility – We value wellbeing and safety, and always aim for operating sustainably.


Once part of Pörssi, always a part of Pörssi. Or in Finnish, “Kerran pörssiläinen, aina pörssiläinen”.

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Accomppanying words

Pörssi’s strategy 2023 was accepted in the autumn meeting 11.11.2020.

Pörssi’s strategy has been planned by a work group of seven people which was formed in early 2020. The work group consisted current and previous actives of Pörssi that were familiar with Pörssi’s actions through, for example, being board members or working with stakeholders previously. During the process there was a questionnaire for our members which helped discovering our members’ ideas and views of our actions and wishes about the future. Based on the questionnaire and comments we have developed a strategy that suits our association and its members.

Strategy is periodized for the next three years. Three years is enough when developing a plan for the long run but it’s also short enough thinking about our working environment and the turnover of our operators. Our vision is aimed for the long run but our strategic views are something that help us to proceed towards a better student life for our members during the next three years. The main thought of the work group is that after three years (in 2023) it wouldn’t be necessary to reinvent the wheel as the strategy could be used as a baseline for our next upcoming strategy.

How did we come up with our mission, values, vision, and strategic views? Mission and values are aligned with Pörssi’s first strategy but they were summarized to fit Pörssi and its members better. This strategy was built based on its members’ views and that’s how our vision was formed. We are Pörssi, and through Pörssi we can live our best student lives. The purpose of our strategic views is that they’re going to help us with accomplishing our long run vision.

We keep track on progressing in our strategy every year in our statutory annual meeting. This means that last year’s board members will present its report on fulfillment of the strategy in the beginning of next year. Indicators of our strategy are members’ evaluations of our operations (questionnaires). In addition we use some qualitative and quantitative indicators, such as, attendees in events and applicant numbers for positions of trust. These indicators have been modified from the first strategy.

Strategy implementation is done by the work group, with help from the board members to educate our members and operators. Our strategy can always be found from our web pages in addition with background material. The goal with strategy implementation is that all of our members can see our strategy in our operations.