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International Master’s Degree Programmes 


In JSBE you can also study in four different International Master’s Degree Programmes. These programmes are taught completely in English and not only give you great academic knowledge of the subjects, but also develop your language and cultural skills.


Banking and International Finance

Have you always wanted to learn what makes the financial markets tick? Are you an analytical person with an interest towards economics and the world of banking? If these questions light up a spark of interest in you then this programme is meant for you. The BIF programme offers excellent tools for deepening your understanding of finance, economics, and financial accounting among other related topics. You will gain analytical skills and quantitative knowledge that will benefit you in your future career. As a graduate of this programme doors for working as a bank economist, analyst, bank manager or researcher will be opened for you.


Corporate Environmental Management

Do you want to see organizations transition towards a more sustainable future? Are you passionate about topics like corporate social responsibility or circular economy? In that case this programme is ideal for you. The CEM programme gives you the tools to understand the interaction between companies and the environments they operate in. This programme offers you the opportunity to gain understanding on current and important environmental issues as well as getting familiar with sustainable corporate strategies. This programme prepares you for instance for building a career in corporate sustainability management.


Digital Marketing and Corporate Communication

Have you always wanted to know how communication can save a company’s reputation after a crisis? Do you want to be in the forefront of digital marketing and communication? If communication and modern marketing are something you would like to be working with in the future, this programme will offer you excellent qualifications for that. The DMCC programme gives you profound knowledge on digital business, marketing and corporate communication and the skills to apply this know-how in the professional working life. As a DMCC graduate you will be able to work for instance in a managerial or expert position in corporate marketing or communication.


International Business and Entrepreneurship

Is building a company from the ground up your dream? Would you like to work at the top of the business world? If this is the case, the IBE programme is perfect for you. This programme gives you a wide understanding of business on several levels and helps you explore organizational operations from different perspectives. In addition to the academic education the IBE programme provides it also offers practical business cases, collaboration and networking opportunities with real companies. After completing this programme, you can find career opportunities for example as an entrepreneur, consultant, or business analyst.


Responsible Management and Business of Sport

Are you torn between business and sports? No worries – we have just the right programme for you! This programme educates professionals of sport management for the needs of private, public and nonprofit sectors. The core of the RESPO programme is to understand the areas and objectives of management and business of sport in various types of sport organizations and to apply principles of responsibility and ethical thinking.