13:45 - 22:00

Pörssi-info + Nielunavaus

Welcome to get to know Pörssi’s operations and important stakeholders! This year, in the Pörssi info, tutor groups will tour different stands around Mattilanniemi to hear about the Pörssi’s operations.

WHAT: Pörssi-info

WHERE: Agora

WHEN: On Monday 4.9. 13:45

TO WHOM: Pörssi’s freshmen

WHAT DOES IT COST: The event is free



The second week of Pörssi’s freshman week begins with Nielunavaus.This legendary event takes place at Ladun maja, a small cottage about 6 km from central Jyväskylä. Nielunavaus is a low threshold event, where getting to know your
universitybuddies is made easy. You can partisipate in contests, challenge your tutor to a match of beerpong, or just enjoy last days of summer enjoying the views with a cold drink in your hand.

WHAT: Nielunavaus

WHERE: Ladun maja, busses take you there from Agora

WHEN: On Monday 4.9. after Pörssi-info at about 17:00

WHAT DOES IT COST: The event is free

AFTER: Club Escape


The event is sponsored by Suomen Ekonomit

Nielunavaus has been one of the enduring favorites of freshman week events for years, so you really don’t want to miss this!


REGISTRATION: September 1st at 12 via Kide.App (This is only for the freshmen)