16:00 - 23:00

Pörssi’s Speksi

The most anticipated event of Vappu, Pörssi’s Speksi, is a combination of interactive theater and spring herring. The word speksi means a play where the audience can influence the course of the play. As an audience member, you can take part in the play through funny OMSTART shouts (with the OMSTART shout, you can indicate how the scene will be reenacted, for example OMSTART in Swedish). After the play, the evening continues with free socializing, music and small bites. The pools and the sauna are also hot for those who want it 🔥
The theme of the play is the pure and holy Pörssi, which everyone must protect and serve by dedicating their lives to its lifestyle. There is also live music. The play includes an intermission.
Bus transport to Valorinne leaves at 4 pm from Matkakeskus. If you arrive with your own ride, please be there in time to catch the start of the play at 5 p.m. After the play, the Party will continue at Valorinte until 11:30 p.m., when the bus rides leave for the center.
WHAT: Pörssi’s Speksi
WHERE: Valorinne, Kyllöläntie 16
WHEN: Fri 28.4. 16 o’clock
DRESSCODE: Overalls + May Day
WHAT’S INCLUDED: OPM and swimming wear
NOTICE: Fri 7.4. at 12 o’clock in Kide.App