21.02.2022 - 06.03.2022


Koko päivä

Skiing and skating competition

After last year’s popularity, we decided to run the event again, albeit with a small twist, as this time it’s also possible to accumulate miles by skating!
It’s time to lubricate your skis, sharpen your skates and head to the track or ice to collect miles for your own subject organization. Each participant acts as their own performer and the duration of the competition is two weeks. The idea of the competition is to collect as many kilometers as possible by skiing and / or skating.
The top three of the competition, as well as the best of both subject organizations, will be rewarded! However, one person cannot win two prizes, so in that situation the prize will automatically be passed on to the next place winner. The prizes are sponsored by Suomen Ekonomit, so there are nice surprises for the most active participants.
Prizes will be awarded on 8.3. At Opinkivi’s sauna in the aftermath of the competition, and everyone who took part is welcome there. The sauna will be warm from 18 to 23 and we also have a jacuzzi. There is a great opportunity to share experiences of how the ski has slipped like Iivo’s or how lightly the skates have slid on the mirror-clear and slitless ice of Jyväsjärvi!
And that’s not all! On Saturday 26.2, Wednesday 2.3. and Sunday 6.3. it is possible to earn double kilometers for your performance.
The marking of movement these days happens as usual. The kilometers will be doubled when we count in the final results.
If you ever want to get involved in a competition, even if winning isn’t your main goal, now is the perfect time to do it. It`s good to remember that only one subject organization can be the winner. Every kilometer count so you should go along. Ski and skating company is sure to be found during these weeks.
And no worries about marking the kilometers. You can simply enter the kilometers independently in the Strava application.