Apply to be the international master’s degree programme specific tutor 2021!

Now the exciting opportunity has openned up to apply for the nicest job, tutor 2021! Programme specific master tutors receive freshmen in the orientation weeks and guide the start of their student journey starting already from the master programme application process. We are looking for international master’s degree tutors for the school of business and economics for each programme, 2 tutors per programme. Application period ends on 29.11. so be sure apply by then. This is the first time application is being conducted as collaborative process among programmes. There is a possibility to receive financial compensation and 2 ECTS for your responsibilities as a tutor.

Apply with a short motivation letter (max. 2000 characters). You may for example tell why you are applying and why should you be chosen to be the tutor 2021. Please also mention from which programme you are from (CEM, DMCC). Send your application by 29.11. to

Ask the master’s degree tutors from this year! They are happy to answer any questions you may have about tutor’s resposibilities.
Aija Hokkanen
(general tutor for all international master’s degree programmes in JSBE) +358 505163997

Sonja Karppanen
(IBE-tutor) +358 458662133

Unna Ahokas
(IBE-tutor) +358 445199009